Summarization API

Integrate our summarization technology into your own applications. Build Applications that deliver summaries to users, and make reading content simpler and faster. The Clipped API is super simple to use, and returns JSON for every request.

GET/ summary[URL]

url = The URL (as a string) of the web page to summarize.

Example Response
  "title": "Israeli PM thanks Harper for UN vote on Palestinians",
  "summary": [
    "The vote to raise the Palestinians to non-voting observer state status passed at the UN General Assembly 138-9, with 41 abstentions.",
    "Canada\u2019s $300-million in aid spending for the Palestinians is also under review."
  "source": ""

API Use Guidlines

We're really excited to see what the hacker community can do with Clipped technology. The algorithm will continue to get smarter over the next few months, and we look forward to supporting developers with it. There are just two rules:

  1. If you use Clipped API in our applications, please attribute by placing the Clipped badge near the summary. If it isn't possible to place this badge, then please reference to the Clipped API somewhere in your app description.

  2. Right now we aren't putting a limit on API calls - so have fun! But keep in mind that this is subject to change in the future.