Summarize Anything.

Clipped's patent pending algorithm turns articles
and documents into bullet point summaries.

Clipped at a Glance

  1. Read bullet-point summaries.
  2. Use keyword search.
  3. Simple to navigate.

Revolutionary Algorithm.

Clipped analyzes text grammatically to extract the most important information from an article. The algorithm identifies sentence structures statisitically, and graphically determines predicate-subject relationships to generate the best bullet-point summaries possible. Plus, Clipped re-reads all of its own summaries to make sure they make sense. Pure genius.

Summarized Search.

Search for anything. Immediately discover relevant articles in a summarized format. It's the perfect combination of content discovery and content consumption.

Clipped API

The Clipped API brings the power of Summarization to your applications. Integrate summaries into your applications, and make news reading a faster process for readers. Its entirely free. Sign up for the API here: Clipped API

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